Лучшие обломы недели. 1 мая 2016

Падения и атака дикой белки …

обломы недели 1 мая 2016

Подборка лучших видеообломов недели. 1 мая 2016 года. Перевод не требуется.

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  1. just found out my fail in snow world was on youtube, I was going full speed and i wanted to hurt my brother so bad (the kid in the video at 0:25) but i didn't saw the people with a cam at the finish line so i bump into him (It was very funny to see him scream in pain after the ride) and it got recorded, rip (The ride is in Holland, <— Proof)

  2. I love this channel. The only clips that piss me off (I know it's silly to be annoyed, but what the hell) are those in which people fall from pull-up bars (for christ sake, just make sure it's properly attached) or attempt to drive up an unfeasibly steep incline on a quad bike (select any general fail video from the channel and you will see that this is always a bad idea). That said, clearly one man's pain is another man's entertainment.

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